Apartment 1

Apartment 1

2 - 5 persons

Apartment 1 is located in a remodelled attic nestled beneath a partially reconstructed renaissance roof over 500 years old, which contributes to its unique interior. It also provides magnificent views of the town.

This attic space has been converted into a two-story apartment of over 90m² accommodating 2 – 5 people. In order to preserve its architectural authenticity, no walls were built within the apartment, which is entirely open with the exception of a separated bathroom. A bedroom with sleeping arrangements for 3 people is located in a loft. For 2 people a marriage bed is located in the living room.

Room equipment: washing machine, clothes dryer, iron, refrigerator with freezer, ceramic hob, microwave oven, satellite flat screen TV


  • Bathroom
  • TV
  • Fridge
  • Towels
  • Kitchen

Apartment area

  • 110


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  • Address
    Soukenická 44, Český Krumlov
  • Phone
    +420 602 546 628